Importance of imparting knowledge about Holistic Wellness in schools.

As we continue our Wellness journey and share inputs on various aspects of Holistic Wellness comprising eight (8) Dimensions, it is equally important to understand how and when they affect different cross-sections of society. We all are aware that these dimensions affect everyone. However, do these dimensions affect them at the same time with the same intensity? Does one need to work upon these dimensions simultaneously? We will deal with these categories of people one by one.

Today, we will share a few thoughts on their importance and effects on our promising youth – children in educational institutions. We shall start with children in high school.


Today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, they need to lead a satisfying life starting from childhood, through adolescence, and adulthood.

When children start their education, the focus is on learning and understanding various subjects and therefore there are periodic tests to assess them on various aspects. However, as they move on to high school and senior school, while the focus remains on learning, soft skills and their self-development begin to play an important role. Adolescence is a very critical phase and children need to be aware of things beyond just their studies and books.

A few of the things they begin to learn are taking on responsibility, the art of tolerance and patience, how to deal with the environment, different kinds of situations and people, effectively managing their time, learning the value of money, and so on. Unless and until they do not experience real-life situations, their understanding would not be clear.

During their academic life, students also go through their share of challenges and they need to have coping mechanisms to handle the resultant anxiety and stress. Else, it will not only affect their emotional, physical, and social well-being, but will also take a hit on their mental health, day-to-day behaviours, actions, self-respect, and self-esteem.

Schools, education authorities, and educational professionals have now begun to recognise, understand, and accept the need for Student wellness. While many factors affect a student’s academic attainment, one can no longer ignore the aspect of their holistic wellness. This approach focuses on the overall development of a child. Not only do we need to pay special attention to their Emotional needs, but also to their Personal, Intellectual, Physical, Environmental, Occupational, and Social factors.

Children are very sensitive and vulnerable. Therefore, one needs to take great care to ensure they are aware of the above factors. Not only does awareness plays a major role, but also it is important to show them the path to achieving them.

The widespread of social media has influenced children in many ways – both positive and negative. It is important to teach them how to maintain a balance among various aspects so that none of them gets adversely affected. Patience, tolerance, and anger management are virtues seldom seen in them.

Their food habits, control over their emotions, how to deal with and talk to others, respect and care for all, value for money, gratitude, compassion, learning to take ownership and responsibility for their faults, and no wastage of any kind, besides others are few of the qualities which children have to inculcate to become better human beings. If not taught at the right time and age, things will go out of control.

About the importance of the various dimensions during the stages in their student life, they will co-exist. However, managing their anxiety and stress, keeping good health, the way they interact with family, friends, teachers, and fellow students, focusing on learning, etc. will take precedence. Here it is the responsibility of respective educational institutions and parents to take care of these aspects. The children need to diligently practise them. Since children are quick learners and are mouldable at an early age, these qualities will help them go a long way toward their improved mental health, overall self-development, and Holistic Wellness.

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